Re-Elect Our Mayor Mary!
Proven Leadership, Proven Results
Mary Hamann-Roland
View the Candidate Forum Held by the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce
October 13th, 2010 at the Old Chicago Restaurant

Apple Valley Mayor - 15 Years

District 196 School Board Director
6 Years

President of League of MN Cities

President of MN Mayors

17th Best City in America
CNN Money, 2010

Aaa Top Credit Rating!
    Moody's investor Services stated that they "expect the city's well managed financial operations to continue, given a history of structural budget balance"

5.6% Net Job Growth
    Uponor Executive Vice president Anders Tolltsten said Uponor will need "hundreds" of qualified people in the comming years. It may be an opportunity to partner with local educators such as St. Mary's University and DCTC. Mr. Tollsten also said "This city runs like an effective business" and he again reinforced how pleased they are to be located here.

One of the safest hometowns
in America

More to Come!

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