Testimonial: Jay A. Tentinger

“My name is Jay Tentinger and I relocated my law firm to Apple Valley in March 2014 to my office building located at 15000 Garrett Ave.  I purchased the office building in late 2013 from the previous owner so I was not aware of the street improvements that were planned for Garrett Ave.  In April 2014, a representative from the City stopped into my office to tell me about the planned improvements.  I was very surprised and immediately thought to myself, another expense that I was not planning on just after purchasing the new office building and relocating my office from Eagan.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn from the City representative there would not be a cost to me, as the City was paying the entire cost of the improvement without the need for a special assessment.  This information was very much appreciated as a small business owner, and to me it speaks volumes about how Apple Valley helps small businesses!”

Jay A. Tentinger             

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